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How to Increase Resilience and Prevent Burnout: Mindfulness over Busy-ness

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Friday, March 10, 2017


Trinity College, Hartford, CT

Keynote Speaker will be Dr. Jane Fried, Professor Emerita, Central Connecticut State University; Principal, Learning with Mind and Heart

Whether entry-level staff, tenure-track faculty, or senior administrator, we all can experience the pull of professional and personal priorities into several, equally important directions. Yet, the state of being busy can sometimes be our own worst enemy where we lose efficiency, purpose, and enjoyment of the task itself. Mindfulness is a tool to both prevent and treat this burnout feeling. We will hear from seasoned professionals on how to increase our resilience mentally, physically, and socially. We have incorporated the feedback offered at previous conferences to offer a new, unique program structure to include a session of breakout discussions where YOU, as the expert of what has worked for you, will participate actively in the discussion of how to be more mindful in the workplace. We look forward to welcoming you to Trinity College next month! Please see our Eventbrite link for more information and to register! Any questions can be sent to the Events Chair, Amy McKeon, at amy.mckeon@uconn.edu.