Institutional Representatives - Roles and Responsibilities

The Institutional Representative (IR) is a key person in the development and implementation of the strategic plans of the ACE Network in each state. Ideally, the president or provost of each institution of higher education the state will appoint an IR to represent and serve as an advocate for the interests of women's leadership development and advancement in higher education at her institution.

The president or provost of the institution usually appoints the IR to her role. The IR's appointment recognizes the critical role she has already played at her institution with regard to the identification and development of women's leadership issues on her campus and signals the institution's support for the advancement of women into key leadership positions in higher education.

The basic campus responsibilities of the IR include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Identifying women on campus who should participate in the activities of the CTAWN;
  • Provide information to women on campus regarding the activities of the CTAWN;
  • Keep women on campus informed of news and information distributed by the CTAWN on professional development opportunities, programming, trends in higher education and other relevant topics;
  • Establish contact with women in key leadership roles on campus in both academics and administration;
  • Keep the institution's president and provost informed of national and CTAWN activities and seek support for participation where appropriate;
  • Urge women on campus to apply for vacancies on your campus and at other institutions of higher education;
  • Serve as an advisor to the CTAWN board; and
  • Serve as a mentor to aspiring women leaders.